Are you doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel but have no clue which color to paint your walls? Having trouble choosing between a cool tone and a warm tone? Wall paint indeed is a major consideration when doing a home makeover. If you’re looking for something a little more stimulating, a little more daring, or a whole lot brighter, then perhaps yellow is right for your renovation! Check out these 5 reasons why your walls would look great in yellow.

1. Matches perfectly with wood

If you’ve just finished remodeling kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL and adding wood cabinets to complete the look, then perhaps you should consider painting your walls a lovely shade of yellow. Whether you’ve installed mahogany or dark brown wood, yellow provides a bright, sunny color that highlights the wood in a room. Wood furniture, as well, will be a focal point with a yellow backdrop.

2. Creates a warmer, welcoming appeal

While most yellow colors provide a warm feel, the right tone will create a very pleasing effect and positive vibe that will draw people in visually.

3. Makes a space appear larger

The bright hue tends to make a room appear larger than it is. Although a visual illusion, this feature gives smaller areas, like powder rooms, entryways, and halls more depth.

4. Impacts emotions and changes your mood

Our brains perceive different colors in different ways. Yellow, a tone with a longer wavelength, stimulates the mind in a way that changes our mood for the better. If you’re stressed or feeling sad, yellow often makes you feel more optimistic and boosts positive energy.

5. Works perfectly as an accent wall

Scared to commit to an entire yellow room? The great thing about this color is, it works perfectly as an accent wall too. So, if you’re doing a bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach, you can just opt for one single wall to be yellow. In doing so, you’ll accentuate the rest of the room and still offer that psychological, cheery impact.

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