There is something is about the change of seasons that makes us want to refresh and renew our homes. There are many things you can do to change the look of your home. You can put on an addition, paint, wall paper or change the flooring. Re-doing the entire house can get to be expensive but there is one thing you can do that will change the entire home but not break the budget. What better way is there to change the look of your home than by adding an area rug.

Area Rugs can quickly change the personality of a room, and they’re the ultimate in do-it-yourself flooring options. No matter the season – or the season of your life – there’s an area rug for your lifestyle.

First ask yourself; what are my favorite colors and textures? Is my style elegant, traditional, ethnic, or contemporary? Am I choosing an Oriental style or some favorite destined to become a family heirloom? An area rug can become one of life’s little treasures to be handed down to your children or grandchildren. What better way to celebrate the change of seasons than by putting one of your treasures on display?

One of the great benefits of area rugs is their versatility. Consider a rug that can easily be moved from room-to-room or maybe from home to home? If you’re planning on moving it from room-to-room, color coordination can become more intricate.

In the cooler months, designers suggest layering your rugs the same way you layer your clothing. While area rugs have for thousands of years been used to beautify and protect hard surfaces like wood and ceramic tile, the newest looks in home décor call for layering your prized rugs over broadloom carpet or even other rugs. Together with tastefully placed pillows and other accessories, your seasonal makeover can be stunning and fun, not to mention economical. Don’t forget! Holiday rugs can be purchased for special occasions.

In warmer months, some area rugs can move out of doors a bit. Though not all make the transition, many do well in semi-protected areas such as porches and three-season rooms.

From a practical perspective, it’s wise to move your rugs regularly to ensure that your rugs and the floors below wear and age evenly.

When shopping for a new rug, where do you begin? Do as a designer would. Think of an area rug as one of your design allies. Begin by exploring their versatility in color, size, shape, pattern and texture.

And make your decision based on these things: color, pattern, construction, fiber, size, shape, cushion requirements (yes, like carpet, many area rugs flourish with the correct area rug cushion!) and, of course, quality and service.

Great area rugs are meant to stay that way and look fabulous. Enduring. Entertaining. Elegant. As an investment, they will pay off throughout your lifetime and go on to be enjoyed by generations to come.