You are entering a new dimension of interior design. Use your creative freedom! Use your imagination! Dare to continue exploring the complementary nature of other surfaces in the home, such as your walls.

As designers discover the exciting new frontiers of flooring as significant décor opportunities, they also simultaneously are exploring new treatments for walls and other surfaces.

Glass. Metallics. Leather and Cork! Walls never looked so intriguing, nor has such creative use of unexpected materials stimulated our imagination so!

Such new materials and their use provide endless decorative opportunities. The size and shape, color and texture and the very different use of seemingly familiar resources establish new boundaries in design.

Each image you see or product you choose can evoke a very different and distinct feeling, and feelings are what these walls, together with a carefully thought out floor design, are all about.

As you plan your floor décor, remember to look up. Imagine how you can integrate materials like these into a dramatic, personal and timeless space which reflects your personality so uniquely.

Looking at the walls there are closely related products that can also be used on the floor. In fact, there are very similar products with different degrees of thickness and depth. For example, tile.

There are tiles that can be used on the walls, or as an accent on the wall and there are coordinating tiles to use on the floor. The floor tiles will have different density and ratings for walking on. The same goes for cork, you can use cork on the walls and also on the floor. Today cork flooring comes in so many different variations, styles and colors. You can also use leather with cork. Yes, there are leather flooring materials!