A house without window treatments is like a perfect outfit without accessories. One reason why flooring retailers offer window décor is because they know the ideal time to dress up those windows is when you are doing those floors. To help you get started, here are some “top five” window treatment designs.

Begin by asking yourself if you want the eye to be drawn first to your windows or the floors. Do you want your treatments for privacy, to keep out the cold? Do you want informal or formal? What about the light you want in or out?

Verticals – These are blinds made with slats that are vertical instead of horizontal, in vinyl wood or fabric or metal. They come is tons of colors. Here’s a tip: avoid white if the floors are muted, it can make the floor look less crisp or dirty. For a look that is custom you can add fabric to coordinate with a seasonal rug or the furniture fabric.

Honeycomb – If you want a more formal look consider this type of window treatment. They are made of simulated fabric or real fabric which is put together in cellular pleats which are horizontal. There are spaces in between which let in light which still helping control temperature in the summer and winter. They can fade into the background but still dress up the window. Use them to bring color from the floor up the wall giving flow to the room. Choose a rug’s background color if you don’t’ want to focus on the windows or the more dramatic colors if you do.

Matchstick – Irregular horizontal trips, often of cane or bamboo which roll up to close. These are more informal and look good with your bamboo or natural fiber floors. They are offered in standard sizes and can be cut in the store. They can look bulky when closed.

Roman – These are shades made out of fabric which when pulled up fold into pleats that are horizontal and broad and when they are open they hang flat. You can choose from a myriad of fabrics you’re your retailer to match your décor.

Shutters – Available in faux or real woods, metal or vinyl and in a lot of colors. They provide good privacy and change the look of your window. They can look good with wood floors if they don’t compete. Add drapes for a touch of color to blend in with your flooring and draw the eye form the floor up the side of the window.