Does your kitchen and/or bath need to bloom like the plant in this article? Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to do a full top-to-bottom remodel to experience the beauty this Port Orange, Fl woman did. Source: - Daytona Journal Online.

Here are some quick ways to refresh and do a mini remodeling of these all-important rooms, compliments of the Port Orange experts at David Waller Interiors.

1. If your budget isn’t ready for a total kitchen cabinet swap-out, simply replace the old cabinet fixtures with some new and modern ones, or repaint. If you want to get really dramatic, paint only half of each cabinet for extra contrast.

2. If you have the room, add a temporary island. You can get some reasonably-priced utility carts and, best of all, it’ll give you some extra storage for pots and pans.

3. Add some color and texture with colorful kitchen floor mats and change up the artwork or wall hangings. Do the same thing for the bath; change the shower curtain, add some colorful mats and some artwork.

4. Add a backsplash, with colorful geometric or abstract patterns, a brick pattern or those always-trendy subway-tile patterns.

5. Change up your window shades or curtains. While you’re at it, add new lighting and make it extra sensational with sconces, or recessed theatrical lighting (the latter looks great in a bath!).

6. Line the inside of your cabinets with some colorful, designer contact paper.

7. Install a couple of small shelves on your wall for spices or other items.

8. Use a modern desk lamp as a task lamp.

9. Change the countertops. If you’re constantly cleaning crumbs out of grout lines, or if they have a dull, matte look, chances are they’d benefit from a total refresh. If your budget just won’t allow that, your countertops may be okay for a sanding and refinishing but please talk to the manufacturer or some other expert first.

10. Remove the upper cabinet doors. Okay, you want glass-front doors, but they just aren’t in your budget, do the next best thing and remove them entirely.

David Waller Interiors has, for over 40 years, provided the best in interior design and decorating to New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Holly Hill. It should also be mentioned that David Waller Interiors also carries a full line of flooring: carpet, hardwood, laminate, and tile