As the New Year comes upon us, have you thought of installing new hardwood flooring, Daytona Beach? If not, this is the time to do so, as David Waller Interiors has a great selection of high-quality engineered hardwood flooring systems available to you right now. If you have been dreaming of new wood flooring, now is the time to act.

Engineered hardwood flooring has many benefits that Daytona Beach homeowners will appreciate. Not only are these flooring systems incredibly beautiful, they are also very durable and long-lasting. In fact, more people across America are turning to engineered hardwood than to traditional wood flooring systems. There are some good reasons for that:

First, more often than not, engineered hardwood is less expensive than solid hardwood. In some case, a lot less expensive. Yet, you can still get virtually any type of wood species that you want. From oak to tigerwood, finding the species that you want in engineered flooring systems is easy. And, keep this mind, the surface layer of engineered flooring is the real deal. If you select red oak, for instance, the surface will be real red oak.

Second, when buying engineered hardwood flooring, Daytona Beach homeowners can have their new flooring installed anywhere in the home. Installation can be below grade (solid hardwood is never installed below grade), and this makes it the perfect choice for those who want to renovate their basements into family rooms, media rooms, or game rooms. You simply would not be able to do this safely with more expensive solid hardwood flooring.

Third, the reason engineered hardwood can be installed below grade is because of the way that it is manufactured. Constructed in opposing layers, engineered wood resists the effects of moisture. These effects can cause such problems as buckling, warping, cracking, expansion and contraction issues, and more. While solid hardwood is susceptible to these problems, engineered hardwood wood is not.

For anyone who has been dreaming of wood flooring, come by and visit with us at David Waller Interiors in Port Orange, FL. We would love to show you the many wonderful flooring systems we have available for you, and tell you why it is that when it comes to quality hardwood flooring, Daytona Beach comes to us first.