Anyone who has ever attempted bathroom remodeling knows that the bathroom cabinets can sometimes be the priciest part of the whole experience. We have been asked if cabinets can be resurfaced instead of replaced, and we are going to look into the answer today.

Bathroom cabinets have so much to offer

Your bathroom cabinets not only add a touch of décor-matching character to your bathroom, but they also serve the very functional role of storage space for various items. The truth is, they don’t last forever, but you can save a bit on your remodeling budget by resurfacing instead of replacing them.

Resurfacing, also known as refacing, utilizes the existing boxes and drawers of your cabinetry but adds new doors and drawer faces, or sometimes a new veneer atop the old one. You'll have the advantage of knowing your spaces well since nothing is moved, but you'll gain a beautifully unique appearance that lasts for years.

You can even resurface your bathroom vanity with added touches anywhere you like. This process gives you extensive colors, styles, and grades to choose from, so you can match your bathroom flooring, window treatments, wall colors, and more.

Our bathroom remodeling fits your needs

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