What’s the right color for your home? This Number One interior design question applies to floors as well, because they all feature color, even if it’s beige!

Therefore, you’ll need to decide if your floor will be a background, like the canvas of a painting upon which your "homescape" is created, or if it should be the focal point of the room.

Begin your decor and flooring selection by first determining the purpose of your room. Then think about the mood you want to create. Is this to be a subtle, sophisticated living room, a calming inviting bedroom or a creative and energetic family area?

Your mood will be established by the tones you select - cool, warm or neutral colors. In every case, your color choices will play an important role, and truly inspired color schemes can usually be found among your personal possessions.

Flooring choices like ceramic and porcelain tile and carpet, of course, come to mind immediately because of their broad color ranges of warm (reds and oranges), cool (blues and greens) and neutral (whites and beiges). However, keep in mind that designers and consumers are discovering the wonders of color in wood as well.

You can choose from warm reds, cooler yellows and blondes, neutral browns and the unexpected new tones like blue offered by exotic woods from around the world. Even if your affinity runs to beiges and whites, each offers color, too. There are all kinds of white and beige. Even among these colors, your selection presents the opportunity to create a neutral background or to complement the dominant colors in your decor.

It’s a matter of defining color as you would coffee Cappuccino,

Espresso or Latte. So it’s best served up by a specialist!