When it comes to flooring, Daytona Beach homeowners and business owners often have to consider weather conditions before they select a flooring system. Knowing which types of flooring systems are best for your local conditions is important, as it can save you a lot of frustration and money. At David Waller Interiors, we are experts at helping our customers to choose the right floors for the right conditions.

​The issue that faces most homeowners and business owners who are looking for new flooring in Daytona Beach is moisture. High levels of humidity affect certain types of floors if that humidity is left unchecked. As we all know, the humidity in this part of Florida can be unpredictable at times, often reaching very high levels.

The type of flooring Daytona Beach homeowners often have problems with because of moisture are the solid hardwood floors that are so popular in America. Solid hardwood flooring can be very susceptible to moisture levels, both from beneath the hardwood floor and from moisture in the air (humidity). This is the main reason solid hardwood floors are never installed below grade—at least not safely.

A much better option for those who want hardwood flooring in Daytona Beach is to choose one of the many engineered hardwood flooring systems that are currently available. These floors are constructed in layers that resist absorbing moisture. These flooring materials are very strong and are much less likely to warp or buckle, even in high humidity areas.

Engineered flooring is also popular, because these systems come in virtually any species of wood you can imagine. From traditional floors such as walnut or red oak, to exotic species such as bamboo, you can easily find the perfect floor for your décor needs.

When it comes to new flooring, Daytona Beach homeowners come to David Waller Interiors, and so can you. Come by our showroom in Port Orange, FL and let us show you the best solutions for all your flooring needs.