Whether it’s a full top-to-bottom remodel or a spruce-up, countertops will always play a major role, whether it’s for your kitchen or your bath, whether it’s in Orange Beach or Timbuktu. A remodel can either be a refinish or total replacement. Add a coat of paint or re-stain to freshen them up, or do a complete replacement and remodeling of your countertops in your Deltona, FL home.
Overwhelmed by all the choices? David Waller, a leader in interior design for over 46 years, will simplify it all for you.

  • Laminate. This is the most affordable. There’s a big range of colors and patterns, but it can peel, scorch, and chip easily. Once considered kind of a black sheep, it’s now making a big comeback in the kitchen because of the large variety. You might not want to rule them out for any remodel, 
  • Tile. There are a lot of design options, and you can get them to look like wood or stone. This is especially good for the bath countertop because that’s a high-moisture room that can never have real wood, but people do yearn for it. Those grout lines can be pretty hard to clean, though.
  • Granite. This is the stuff of the 5-star hotel bath! It has a speckled crystalline appearance and has been used for centuries in everything from temples to headstones. It is as functional as it is beautiful, being ultra-tough and, if properly sealed, non-porous, so it’s also good for the busiest kitchen.

It is expensive, but it can last for years, but this is a remodel that will add value to your home.

The slab tends to be the most expensive because you have to buy the whole piece and then cut it. Tiles are the least expensive. The modular ones are a good compromise between slab and tile.

  • Marble. Want your bath to look like an Italian palazzo? Like many natural stones, this is porous, but every marble slab has different veining, so no two countertops will ever look the same. Just be sure to seal it regularly to avoid staining.
  • Quartz: This is durable and non-porous, but it can blister and melt if hot pots get placed on it. Other options are soapstone, slate, solid surface, and concrete.

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