If you are looking to turn decorating dreams into fashion magic in your home, it is important that you choose a reputable flooring retailer. An Independent flooring retailer has the answers to you decorating questions, like where to get started, coming trends in fashion and color, turning design mystery into magic, even how to clean and maintain your new floor.

A word about the big box stores. If you are shopping for flooring and you are looking for the lowest price, well, then maybe the big box store is where you want to be. However, if you are looking for help with decorating or design questions, color trends, cleaning and maintenance… you will likely be disappointed. They simply don’t train the folks in the flooring department at the big box stores with this kind of information and education for the consumer. Enough said.

Perhaps you are decorating your whole house or just a room we invite you to a world beyond flooring fashion. Let us bring out the designer in you—all in keeping with YOUR lifestyle, of course.

We deliver trusted brands and full service craftsmanship right to your home at a responsible, friendly price.

First things first

The bottom line is that your home design should be a reflection of yours and your family’s personality. So if is important to blend your lifestyle needs with styles you like. Here are some tips as how to prepare for your meeting with the designer at the store. In fact, this is where the fun begins!

Bring everything with you, your ideas, and your collection of items that reflect what you love. This could include fabric swatches, pillows, magazine photos and paint chips. Anything that helps you and your sales consultant coordinate the room. Once you discover your colors and the tones, be sure to stay in that range. Create a traveling idea kit. As you flooring expert helps to guide your selection, you’ll feel better with the knowledge that your personality, lifestyle and preferences are all part of process for your final decisions on design.


Define your look. It’s your world. Your home’s personality can be as different as Renaissance, early American or a traditional elegance. Note how colors and textures, like paint chips and carpet and other flooring samples can work to complement your prized personal possessions… like an artifact from a far away place once visited or an heirloom passed down from the generations.