​Daytona Beach has many historic places to visit, and one of these wonderful places has just reached its 140th birthday. This gem is known around town as Daytona's Abbey House. As one of the original homes in town, it has a long history that residents can all enjoy from its overall charm to its unique flooring. Daytona Beach is truly blessed to have such a home.

There are many reasons to love older homes. They offer up a glimpse of what life was like in the past, and they also show us how homes were built in those days. A particularly favorite aspect of older homes is the various types of flooring Daytona Beach historic homes contain.

When visiting a historic home, visitors often consider the hardwood flooring a Daytona Beach home may have in it. While hardwood flooring is most often seen in these older homes, other types of flooring in Daytona Beach homes have include intricate tile flooring, natural stone flooring, and various types of laminate flooring. Daytona Beach homes certainly do have a full array of different and interesting flooring systems.

When visiting older homes with wonderful types of flooring, Daytona Beach homeowners often begin to think about having new flooring installed in their homes. This is a great idea, as new flooring in Daytona Beach homes is a very affordable way to bring new life into a home or business. And with so many different types of flooring available, homeowners can find exactly what they want. From wonderful new carpeting to elegant hardwood flooring, Daytona Beach homeowners will find more options than they might imagine possible.

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