Many homeowners have been putting off home projects as they wait to see what the housing market will do. Good news. The housing market in the Daytona area continues to improve, and this means that for those putting off that new flooring installation or other improvements, now is the time to get it done.

According to recent numbers published in New Press:

“While Florida is still a top five state when it comes to foreclosure rates, its dark mid-2000 past is a distant rear-view image, RealtyTrac’s November market report suggests. November saw a 15 percent monthly drop in foreclosure starts nationwide, the lowest since May 2006. That falling monthly trend has been the case for close to half of 2015 now, measured on a year-over-year basis, and scheduled auctions are at their lowest levels since 2005.”

Source: News Press, SW Florida real estate market 'healthy' again by Patricia Borns.

This is certainly good news for buyers and sellers, and for current homeowners who are hoping to see their property increase in value. One way to quickly add value to a home is by installing new flooring. Daytona homeowners have long known the value of putting in new flooring, be it new carpet, tile, hardwood, or vinyl. With retail flooring prices down as well, now is the time to act, and when it comes to flooring Daytona homeowners can always get great deals at David Waller Interiors in Port Orange, FL.

While there are many reasons new flooring for Daytona homeowners is a good investment, one of those reasons is that new flooring brings added value to the home. Depending on the type of flooring Daytona homeowners choose, they can increase the value of the property significantly. For instance, the installation of hardwood floors is considered one of the very best home improvements anyone can make as this flooring system does not lose its value.

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