We’ve coined a phrase: Flooring Daytona and we want you to think of David Waller Interiors of Daytona every time you hear it. That’s because you’ll find an assortment of ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood or carpet flooring materials here—all your needs for flooring Daytona.

Start at the bottom and work your way up, because the floor is one of the fastest and easiest ways to freshen your house.

It’s overwhelming when you want to keep your floors clean and shiny. Here are some tips from HGTV:

• Ceramic Tile. A popular choice for the bath, it has visual appeal, durability and water-resistance, and there’s a lot of moisture when it comes to flooring in Daytona.
Tip: Never clean with a sponge mop, because that will pull dirt into the grout. Use a multi-fiber mop or rag.

• Hardwood: Light color woods add that airy, casual look, while the darker, more exotic ones add contrast and can provide a stunning view.
Tip: Wipe with a damp cloth. No soaking, please! Tea bags will make your floors shine. Just boil and steep; the tannic acid in tea makes them sparkle.

• Laminate: Thanks to modern technology, images of hardwood and stone are more realistic than ever. Laminates are durable and easy to clean. You’ll find them at our flooring in Daytona location.
Tip: Combine some Borax in a bucket of warm water and mop. Since Borax is really a mineral, it’s safe, but increases the power of detergent, is a great stain remover and also deodorizes.

• Carpet: A neutral color will compliment just about any accessory. Layer with an area rug to add that “zaa zaa zing.”
Tip: Put some Borax in a steam cleaner.