When remodeling a kitchen, replacing cabinets is often one of the largest single expenses that you have. So, should you replace them with new ones or should you save some money and reface the old ones, giving them a whole new look? Sometimes that is a hard question to answer, so let us offer you our thoughts.

A beautiful new look

Please understand that refacing your existing kitchen cabinets can provide you with a very new and fresh look in your kitchen. Pursuing this option is budget-friendly and there are many options from which you can choose. You can also add accessories to many of your existing cabinets like a lazy-susan or door-mounted shelves. This has the benefit of adding some new functions within the constraints of what you already have.

The choice of new cabinetry

Kitchen remodeling is not typically something you will do every year or every several years. Often, it is something you may only ever do once or twice in your lifetime. It is an opportunity to re-envision your kitchen and redesign it almost from scratch. As you do that, one of the first questions you should be asking yourself is, “Do my existing cabinets meet all of my kitchen needs?” If you are like most Americans, your answer is probably going to be, “no.” If you are starting from scratch anyway, why not consider new cabinetry as well?

Even though we are typically working with a fixed amount of space when dealing with a kitchen remodel, often a redesign of your kitchen cabinets can help you use that space more effectively and thus organize your kitchen in a more orderly way. A place for everything and everything a place… Maybe rotating corner cabinets are the option that will make the difference in your kitchen? Maybe you need some different arrangements of drawers? Maybe an island needs to be added or an existing island needs to be redesigned. Then all of this can be tied in with your new kitchen flooring and countertops.

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