There are opportunities to change everything about the space during your kitchen remodeling project, from cabinetry to countertops and everything in between. In today's post, we will consider the installation order of some of these features, so be sure to read along to find out more about it.

Kitchen remodeling installations matter

Choosing to remodel your kitchen allows you to replace many features in the space, including cabinets and countertops. But which one do you install first?

Cabinetry is installed before countertops when there's the option to do so. Since countertops are attached to the cabinet tops of lower cabinets, this is the apparent order for these pieces.

Once the countertops are in place, the appliances are installed, after which the cabinet hardware can be finished for a beautiful result that will complement your kitchen well. Finally, if you've chosen one, a backsplash is added, adding the final touch to your remodel.

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