Are you looking to reinvent the interior of your home without the cost of a complete remodel? New flooring in your Daytona home can give your space a whole new look that you and your family will absolutely love. To get first-hand information and all of the wonderful flooring options available, visit David Waller Interiors located in Port Orange, Florida. Today lets learn about a couple of high quality flooring options on the market: laminate and tile flooring.

Laminate flooring
is one of the most durable and long lasting flooring surfaces ever made. Laminate flooring won’t fade over time, is resistant to stains, scratches and impacts and is available at a price that will benefit your wallet. Due to its airtight locking system and its plastic exterior, laminate flooring will ensure that your Daytona home will be resistant to moisture of any kind. Laminate is available in a large variety of high resolution wood species that identically replicate real wood.

Another cost effective floor for your Daytona home is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is the most adaptable flooring surface there is. Whether it is installed on the hearth in front of the fireplace or the floors in your kitchen, tile is an appropriate choice for any surface, indoors and outdoors. In places where the climate is very warm it is common to have tile wall to wall to keep the home cool. Tile can adapt to every style and décor and they are made in such a wide variety of colors and patterns that virtually any combination you could imagine is available.

Finding the flooring of your dreams doesn’t have to be a confusing or difficult process. With a bit of good information you can find the flooring that you’ve been looking for in no time! That is why folks who are in need of flooring in the Daytona or Port Orange areas trust David Waller Interiors to answer flooring questions and to get design tips.