Whether you've been fantasizing about a kitchen, bathroom or playroom remodel for years, or about to start the adventure with a full home redesign, there's no need to get overwhelmed with the whole renovation process. Sure, there are tons of things to consider, from floors to lighting, paint to decoration, and let's not forget about curtains. Luckily, with our David Waller Interiors top tips to reduce remodeling stress, you'll be able to find the Zen amidst the chaos. Without further ado, let's begin!

1) Set a Realistic Timeframe

Of course, you want to finish your new bathroom remodeling, but Orange Beach homeowners need to be realistic with time frames. When you don't set attainable goals, you may feel that your reno crew isn't working as fast as it should, which undoubtedly leads to stress. Instead, chat with your contractor to get an accurate timeline of your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

​2) Make a To-Do List

Make a to-do list, and don't try to keep all that information in your head, because you'll never sleep! Also, to-do lists allow you to plan your renovation and get a clear picture of where your budget stands. Really, just go ahead and write out what you'll need, considering the functionality of the room in question. Are you keeping all of the fixtures? Will you buy a new toilet, sink, vanity, or tub? What are you keeping and what are you chucking?

3) Set a Budget

No matter the type of redesign, be it installing new floors or remodeling kitchen countertops, Deltona, FL residents need their to-do list in order to set up a budget. Without a clear picture of what you have, need, and want, you'll never be able to make savvy buyer decisions. Also, keep some money aside for "uh oh" moments that always come up in renovations. Plan them as much as you want, but once you start tearing down walls and ripping out tubs, you'll never really know what silent surprises lay in wake.

4) Hire the Right Crew

Don't fall prey to jack-of-all-trades handymen who claim they can do it all, for a song and dance. Always hire licensed contractors, professionals who know how to get the job done correctly.

5) Remember the Extras

At our Port Orange showroom, you won't believe how many people forget about extras like toilet paper holders, electrical outlet covers, and cabinet hardware. Yes, you'll have to plan everything down to the nuts and bolts. But don't lose too much sleep over this, because the hardware store is open every day!