While the result will be fabulous--you finally have that dream kitchen-- a remodel can be frustrating. Things always take longer than expected, and there are often hidden costs and unplanned expenses.

That's also the case for smaller rooms like the bathroom. An awkward layout can be a tiny little deal killer. If selling is even a vague idea, it's best to fix it sooner than later.

David Waller Interiors has been a leader in interior design in central Florida for over 45 years. Here are some of their suggestions.

Planning is the most important step

  1. Plan your budget. Do this even before you start to break down any walls. Make it a conservative number, subtracting about 15 percent from what you really would spend, and then setting that 15 percent aside to have as a cushion for emergencies and unplanned expenses.

Broken down, it looks like this: Theoretically, your budget is $20,000. Make it $17,000 and put aside the other $3,000 which you can use as an emergency fund.

  1. Explore your options. Look through the design magazines and go on home tours so you can explore your options. See what you like and don't like, what is necessary and what is not.

It will also give you a realistic idea of what things cost, so you won't underestimate and then be shocked when the bill comes in.

  1. Consider cost generation. This means that some projects can bring about additional, often surprising, costs. For instance, Orange Beach, if you are adding a bathroom or changing a layout, note that the remodeling might also require plumbing or electrical expenses.
  2. Prioritize expenses. In order of expense, it goes from the highest down. This would be cabinets, appliances, and countertops. The latter will depend upon the material you choose for your remodeling, Deltona, FL. 

​Shop for value, not for price
This is where a lot of people make mistakes. They get enticed by low prices. If they wear out fast, the process needs to begin again.

Realize that quality isn't often the most expensive alternative; for example, a good second-hand piece of furniture could be less expensive than something newer, but of lesser, grade.

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