Sometimes when we make the decision to renovate a space, we don’t take into account the time it will take to get the job completely done. You need your space to continue the day to day activities you are used to accomplishing. Having less space to work with can really be a detriment to your schedule. When it comes to flooring for your Daytona Beach home, the choices and actual purchasing is the easy part. The hard part is the installation. It can be very time consuming, depending upon which type of flooring you will be choosing for your Daytona Beach home. So let’s look at flooring choices and see which will be able to be installed efficiently.

There are several types of flooring installation, depending upon what type of flooring you will be using. For carpet, there is pad and tack, in which tack strips are installed around the perimeter and pad is laid down. Then the carpet is cut to the dimensions of the room and the installer stretches the carpet to stick to the tack strip. There is also a glued down with pad using a spray glue to adhere the pad to the floor and the carpet to the pad. Or, there is a glued down with no pad. Your flooring specialist in Daytona Beach can tell you which will be best suited for you.

With hard surfaces, there is glued down flooring for your Daytona Beach home, or a floating floor. A glued down floor is not going to be installed quickly. It requires that glue be spread with a trowel. Once that is done, you have to wait for it to become semi dry, to produce a tacky surface. When it is, the flooring can be installed over it. A floating floor can be installed over the existing flooring if it is a hard flat surface. It requires no glue and will click together using a tongue and groove design. This is by far the fastest installation that can be done. At David Waller Interiors, we have the installers and professional staff to help you get the flooring you need in the time frame you need it.