You are doing some remodeling and, obviously, flooring is one of the areas you will be focusing on. You have some Idea of what you want, but there are many ways you can go for flooring in your Daytona Beach home. Hard surfaces such as natural stone or porcelain tile are frequently used because of the heat in Daytona Beach. These types of flooring tend to stay cooler during the summer months, allowing you to beat the heat on your feet.

For kitchens, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas, vinyl tile is the way to get the best bang for your buck and still have a luxury look in your room. You can get vinyl as either a tile or in plank form. Since it is made exclusively of vinyl, it is completely impervious to water, making it ideal for areas where there may be high moisture content. Additionally, it can be put in as a floating floor, meaning it is clicked together and requires no glue or nails to be installed.

Carpet is often used for a feel that adds a sense of luxurious relaxation as you walk across the soft fibers of a well-made rug; getting up in the morning and placing your feet on that same soft surface as you begin your day. Carpet allows for that feeling, while ranging from very expensive natural fibers like wool, to the non-budget crushing fibers of synthetics, like nylon and polyester.

for your Daytona Beach home is filled with choices in style, materials and colors. It is always good to have a partner you can rely upon to aid you in finding the best flooring products in Daytona Beach. David Waller Interiors is that partner.

When you stop by our Port Orange showroom, we will give you access to our knowledgeable staff of decorating professionals. We can, and WILL help you to fulfill the flooring needs for your Daytona Beach home, while working within your available budget. At David Waller Interiors, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we strive to be the best at providing customer satisfaction for our valued customers!