​Living in Daytona Beach is like living in paradise. When we are out and about, it is almost hard to believe that we get to call this oasis our home. Coming home after a busy day out on the town, you will want your home to feel just like your own personal paradise. Having hardwood flooring in your Daytona Beach home is a great way to live as luxurious in your home as you do down at the beach. David Waller Interiors has an amazing selection of top quality hardwood flooring, and has been providing Daytona Beach natives with beautiful flooring since the early ‘70s.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring among real estate agents and interior designers all over the world. Real estate agents love walking into a home they are listing and seeing hardwood floors. Immediately the market resale value of the home goes up and that is important to consider if you see yourself moving in the future. The local interior designers here in Daytona love using hardwood flooring because it is a great way to open up the home and gives a cool and spacious aesthetic. Moreover, hardwood flooring is has great neutral colors that will accent any kind of furnishing perfectly.

If there is one thing that Daytona homeowners love in flooring, it is easy maintenance. Hardwood flooring is one the most low maintenance kinds of flooring there is. On a weekly basis, vacuum or sweep any dirt or debris, then simply use a damp mop to give it some shine. No harsh chemical cleaners are necessary. In addition to being easy to maintain, hardwood flooring is also very durable. It will stand up against spills and messes, and hardwood floors are even children and pet friendly! If you think that hardwood flooring is just what your Daytona Beach home needs, contact David Waller Interiors as soon as possible and get started!