It seems that when you are dealing with flooring in Daytona Beach, and you need to finish your home improvement project, most people look to save money wherever they can. Cost conscious consumers will often deal with large chain retailers who know everything before they have even heard what the customer’s desire is. More often than not, the largest home improvement outlets are more about pricing than customer satisfaction. Today’s marketplace isn’t all about pricing. There is still the element of customer service, and at David Waller interiors we are all about customer service.

We have all of the flooring types that you desire: Carpet, tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, and laminate. We also have a staff of courteous professionals who are knowledgeable about each type of flooring. They can help you to choose the right type of flooring for your Daytona Beach home, while staying within your budget. We ask the questions that the chain stores don’t, in their zeal to give you a low price and send you on your way so they can wait on the next customer. While they are all about sales, they miss out on giving their customers a pleasant experience when planning and executing their home improvement projects.

We offer in home design consultation. Our designers will come to your home and get a real feel for what you are trying to accomplish. We can then help you get into the details of the job at hand and choose the best flooring for your Daytona Beach residence. Having that kind of personal service is one way that we make your flooring experience as pleasant as possible.

We will also answer all of the questions you may have about the products you are choosing. We educate you on the best way to maintain your flooring so that you can enjoy its looks for years to come. Getting more bang for your buck isn’t always about the lowest price, it’s also about the service. So come see us at our Port Orange, FL showroom and see why we are flooring our competition.