When it comes to any type of renovation, be it a kitchen and bathroom remodel, as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. While some upgrades can add value to your home, others don't do much but give you a higher price tag in the end. What should you go for and what should you skip? Well, check out the following list of 4 ways to add more value to your home via a kitchen redo.

1. Get a tougher sink

One great way you can add value to your home is to get a big sturdy, tough kitchen sink. When looking through models, check out the 16-gauge stainless steel sinks, as they’re thicker than the standard 18-22-gauge ones. The thicker the sink, the more it can withstand everyday dents and dings. Pricewise, there's not much difference between the 16 and 18-gauge sinks. However, these two choices are more expensive than 20-22-gauge models. Overall, the lesser the gauge, the more durable the sink.

2. Save energy with radiant heat

Conventional heating is less effective than radiant heating, as there’s minimal loss of heat through ductwork in the latter option. Additionally, with underfloor heating, you’re also warming up as you walk on the heated surface. While it’s much easier to install radiant heating during a full renovation where the room or house is gutted, there may be other ways to get to your subfloor without such invasive measures. For instance, you can get to the floors underneath certain rooms via the basement ceiling.

3. Skip electric, go for induction

Compared to electric glass cooktops, induction cooktops generally outperform them. While the cost of induction is higher, these prices are quickly decreasing and becoming more and more competitive. Highly-energy efficient, they'll certainly save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Recessed lighting for more brightness

The right lighting in the kitchen creates a unique atmosphere, whereas improper lighting just makes the space look dark and dingy. Undercounter and pendant lights can add charm, but don't rely on them solely to brighten up the room. Instead, opt for recessed lights – ideally on a dimmer – for an affordable, subtle way to add loads of extra light.
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