The article about Daytona, Fl, has a subhead that reads: “NASCAR isn't the only headliner in this Atlantic coastal town—sand, surf and even a sushi bar have residents raving.” It then goes on to say that Daytona, FL. has one of the best cost-of-living factors, something that makes people flock to this locale in the Sunshine State. 

Whether you’re already an existing Daytona, Fl. resident—or about to become one--you’ll find all your remodeling needs at David Waller Interiors.

Source: “What It’s Like to Live in Daytona by Nanci Theoret, Florida Travel & Life:

The popular phrase is “start at the top and work your way down,” At David Waller Interiors we believe in doing exactly the opposite—start at the bottom and work your way up—the bottom being the floor.  Our battle cry is “Flooring Daytona!” and we’ll help you get the remodeling of your dreams.

So much to choose from
Don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices of flooring in Daytona.

Carpet is always a great choice. Neutrals coordinate with just about any color, and if you want extra zing, layer with an area rug. Thanks to modern technology and hi-definition photography laminates look like natural hardwood, stone or porcelain tile, but without the price tag of the naturals. Even the professionals often can’t tell the difference. . What’s more, laminate is ultra durable and easy to maintain.  If you love porcelain or ceramic tile, but are concerned about the price, don’t be, because you can consider using it as an accessory around the main tile. Hardwood floors are always gorgeous and when you consider how long-lasting they are, it seems like a minimal investment.

Flooring Daytona!  When you hear that phrase, think of us at David Waller Interiors.