The bathroom is a tiny space, but some quick and, often, inexpensive fixes can make it look larger. You don’t need to do a full top-to-bottom bathroom remodeling that involves moving walls.

Here are some tips from David Waller Interiors who, for over 45 years, has been a leader in interior design in the Port Orange area.

Before you do anything

Increase natural light as much as possible. Make sure windows, screens and, if you're lucky enough to have one, skylights are clean. Use a soft brush, especially when cleaning screens, cobwebs, and dirt can get stuck which interferes with light.

Repair blinds and curtains. You can always take it one step further and remove them entirely, by replacing the clear glass with frosted privacy glass.

Replace your bathroom cabinets

These serve a great purpose in storing our toiletries and keeping us organized, but they can create some wasted space. One great solution is to replace it with a combination of the cantilever- countertop-with-pedestal-sink.

A cantilevered bathroom vanity countertop has an overhang. A pedestal sink can slide right under that overhang and become a classic, elegant look that now becomes a focal point.

Add a large mirror

We all know the mirror trick in making your space look larger but just use one large one. A little hint: frameless mirrors make a room look even larger and make sure it's tarnish-resistant.

While you’re at it, de-clutter as much as possible. That includes taking it easy on the decorations, such as artwork or wall hangings.

Get rid of the “visual stops”

Crown moldings, baseboard, tile backsplashes only go halfway up the wall and wainscotting can cramp a room. Except for the crown moldings, it’s not necessary to get rid of them altogether; just be sure the backsplash is floor-to-ceiling and that the wainscotting is the same color as the wall--don’t try to create a contrast. Replace your baseboard with a more narrow one.

Finally, try to use similar materials throughout the room. For example, if your bathroom flooring is stone tile, use tiles on the walls and surfaces. If your floor is a wood look tile, keep the motif by using a brick-like tile.

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