​Trying to determine a timetable for any renovation is maddening because it can always fluctuate, depending on the scope of work, change orders, unexpected challenges, etc. Count on a bathroom remodeling taking, at minimum, seven to 10 days, but that number can go as high as a little more than a month. To be safe, prepare for alternative solutions, especially if your home has only one bathroom.

A rough breakdown of various tasks

With a complete, top-to-bottom remodeling or a simpler one with only replacement of fixtures, here's an idea of timing: wall breakdown and rebuild, one to two days, but longer if there's any difficulty or unique challenge; electrical and plumbing systems, one or two days each. Add another 14 days for insulation, drywall, painting, tile work, inspections, and fixture installation.

Bathroom cabinets or bathroom vanity installation can be done in an hour or two. Bathroom flooring takes two days. In all cases, whether a full or partial remodeling, add another two to five days, just in case, for contingencies.

Factors that affect the timetable

We've already covered fully vs. partial remodeling. But also consider this: Does your contractor have his/her full-time staff, or will electrical work, plumbing, and carpentry be farmed out? When there's a subcontracting situation, that person often has other projects to schedule around; that can add considerably to the timetable! Using David Waller Interiors, you do not need to worry about any of this. We do it all!

Another thing to consider is whether items are already in stock or if they need to be ordered or shipped. Suppose they are special-order, for example, imported tile, that will add to the schedule. When you use our services, the renovation is planned, so the product is available in the timeline we present to you.

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