Believe it or not, there aren’t really many hard and fast rules about how much you should budget.
 While you can get figures as to what cabinets or appliances cost, and we know that even the smallest remodel can recoup about 80 percent of the cost, any remodel, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, is just as much about lifestyle as it is aesthetics and function.

​Ever watch those real estate reality shows?  The experts always talk about marketing to specific buyers. For instance, a home with a kitchen that houses commercial style appliances, would be marketed to gourmet cook clients.
Bottom-line:  Some things will be more important to some than others.
David Waller Interiors has been the expert in interior design in the Port Orange area for over 45 years.  Here are some of their suggestions.
There is one constant: Nothing turns off a potential buyer as quickly as clutter. It makes a kitchen look outdated, and none-too-functional. The bathroom, which is a small room to begin with, can look even tinier when things look a little jumbled. Think about this when you remodel.
Add extra storage, and maybe even tile it for some extra style to the room. Increase lighting to make a room appear larger. If the cabinets are in good shape otherwise, update them with new knobs and pulls, and maybe some fresh veneer or paint. Upgrade appliances if you need to, and know that they can sometimes be used for double duty, such as using the broiler drawer as storage.
The biggest way to get rid of clutter?  Remodeling the kitchen countertops! It doesn’t matter if you live in Deltona, FL, or elsewhere, new counters add a freshness to the room.  If you really want to make a stunning design statement, up level them with stone or tile.

How do you remodel a small room like the bathroom?

Okay, Orange Beach, here are some thoughts:

  • Tile the shower wall
  • Install a new floor
  • Create “tile art” to hang on the wall.
  • Add extra storage and lighting. (And remember, the storage doesn’t necessarily have to be in the room, but in an adjacent hallway.)
  • Upgrade the sink by adding a vanity (or painting, or by adding some tiles, fresh paint or new hardware to an existing vanity
  • Create a unique backsplash or mosaic.
Whether it’s a top-to-bottom or partial kitchen or bathroom remodel, we have plenty of ideas at the David Waller Interiors showroom in Port Orange, FL