Your master bedroom is the perfect place for the master retreat of your dreams. However, it may be difficult to view your master bedroom as the perfect retreat…so, here’s our list of tips and tricks for turning your master bedroom into the stuff of dreams!

  • Utilize seating properly, and efficiently. If you have room for a comfy chair, put one in your room…but don’t make the chair a “stash spot” for clothes, shoes, and other paraphernalia.

  • You’d be amazed how a chandelier can add a touch of class to any room, including a master retreat. Just make sure you install it properly, and that it doesn’t hang too low.

  • Use neutral, classic colors in your room – light blues, greens, and whites are all calming colors and perfect for a master retreat. Avoid loud, bold colors like reds, oranges, and yellows.

  • Feature walls are just as effective in master bedrooms as they are in every other room in the house. Use enlarged family photographs or calming artwork on your feature wall, instead of crazy colors and loud photographs.

  • Don’t hang black or “light blocking” curtains in your master bedroom. It may be tempting to keep the light out on those days that you just want to sleep in, but totally blocking the light of your room will make the room look dull and dingy. Instead, consider lace or sheer curtains for the bedroom, coupled with Venetian blinds for those days that you want to get a little more shut-eye.

  • Keep the lighting soft and “feminine.” Don’t put track lighting or fluorescent bulbs in your master retreat.

  • If you’re part of a pair, your master bedroom should reflect both of your tastes. Be sure to consult with your dearly beloved before putting in things like, say, a pink comforter set.

If you’re ready to get started on redesigning your master bedroom into the retreat of your dreams, give us a call, or stop by our showroom, and let’s see what we can do for you!