You've combed Pinterest for all the best ideas, you know what you want, and now you want to know who can help you get it. But choosing the right remodeling crew for the job, can be one of the most intimidating aspects of your remodel. You only get one shot at choosing the right outfit and you have to make it count!

David Waller Interiors knows that the struggle is real and we want to help. There is no shortage of companies claiming to be the best in the area, so you could probably use a little advice on what to look for, to be sure you're going to get a good fit for your project. Here is everything you need to look for in a prospective remodeling company to find the best team for your big project.

They "Feel" Right

It' always a good idea to listen to your gut when dealing with other people. If you are getting a bad vibe from your prospective contractor, there is probably a reason. Do you want to be working with someone who sets you on edge all throughout an already stressful time in your life? Probably not.

If there's just "something" you don't like about the person you are interviewing, don't ignore that feeling!

They Offer a Detailed Bid

A good contractor will be able to provide you with a detailed and, most importantly, accurate estimate for the work they will be doing. They should be able to break down the cost of materials, labor, their profit, and any other cost considerations you might expect from a job.

Beware of contractors that get dodgy when asked about estimates. Construction is an industry that is prone to corruption. It's fairly easy to inflate estimates for things like materials, to overcharge an unwary client. Be sure to compare the estimates of a number of different contractors to be sure you aren't being taken for a ride.

They Have All of the Pertinent Certifications and Insurance

Another important consideration in choosing a quality contractor is whether or not they are insured and certified. Being sure your contractor is certified is important, because certification shows that the contractor isn't some fly-by-night amateur masquerading as a contractor. It ensures they are qualified for the work they will be doing.

Having the proper insurance, both for their work and for their employees, is important, because it offers the client protection from any mistakes in the contractor's work, or injuries to employees throughout the course of the job.

If you don't want to risk being on the hook for the cost of fixing a botched job, or for the medical bills of an injured employee, be sure your contractor is certified and insured.

David Waller Interiors Hits All of the Marks

If you are in the market for kitchen or bathroom remodeling services in the Port Orange area, we hope you will consider us for the job!

Whether its bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach, a little interior design help in Port Orange, or remodeling kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right!

For a free consultation, contact our showroom in Port Orange, FL , to chat with our experienced staff of design and remodeling experts, and to find out why David Waller Interiors is the area's most trusted name in home remodeling