While some of us are lucky enough to live in several thousand square feet, some of us live in small apartments and our showers are not what we dream of them to be. For those of us in the latter situation – who, despite our lack of space, would like to turn our showers into our own private spa sanctuaries – here are some tips and tricks for maximizing the space in the shower:

  • Create a bit of shelving between wall studs (this is perfect to consider when doing a gut job remodel of your bathroom). You can get creative with this shelving by putting in glass tiles, travertine, and pretty much anything else that your mind can conceive!
  •  Consider a hanging shower rack. This type of rack – which can be made from a variety of materials – can help you organize a variety of sundries and other materials. 
  • Consider filling your space with plants. The philodendron is one of the most popular plants to choose for your bathroom, because it doesn’t require soil and only needs a little bit of natural light & water to keep it sustained. 
  • A double curved shower rod will help you save space in your bathroom without compromising the look and feel of a spa retreat. Other things to consider when creating space in your shower include plastic shelving (which may be cheaper than other options, but certainly space creating). Finally, a great little trick that isn’t necessarily space-saving, but is definitely something worth considering, is hanging a eucalyptus plant in your shower to release aromatherapy scents as you bathe.

Do you have some space-saving ideas that would work in other bathrooms? Share some ideas in the comments below! Or, if you’re ready to get started on your bathroom & shower remodeling, contact us now, or visit our showroom during regular business hours!