Being green doesn’t mean just using sustainable materials in your home – being green also means that you re-use some old materials to prevent landfill & decrease a carbon footprint! In today’s post, we’re going to talk about how to make an old area rug into a headboard. 

Here are our tips and tricks:

  • Have a lumber store cut enough wood to create the headboard that fits your bed – a queen sized bed, for example, will need a different headboard size than a California king sized bed.
  • Measure the rug to make sure you have enough material, regardless of the size of the headboard.
  • Buttress the corners of the frame with brackets to prevent it from falling apart (and onto your head – ouch!)
  • Paint the edges of the wood frame in the same main color as the rug. For example, if the main color of the rug is black, then the wood frame should be painted black.
  • When you fasten the rug to the frame, make sure you use rug nails, which are specifically designed to hold rugs into place. 
  • To that end, too, you need to secure the frame to the wall with strong nails, and buttress it with metal brackets. When securing the frame to the wall, make sure you place the bracket into a stud in the wall, not in the drywall.
  • Finally, use a level to make sure that the frame is aligned properly.

What are some other ideas you may have for a headboard? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Remember: your only limits are those placed on you by your imagination (or lack thereof)...or, the imagination of your contractor! If you have any questions about this or any other DIY home improvement project, remember that we can help!