So you’re thinking of a kitchen or bath remodel?  David Waller Interiors, a leader in interior design for almost 45 years, has some suggestions for you.

It just takes some careful planning and clever storage ideas to turn your kitchen or bath, no matter what the size, into a high efficiency machine.Some ideas include:

● Letting appliances do double duty as storage areas. Ovens and dishwashers can be great storage spots, just please remember to remove the items before you turn them on!

● Create your own pantry. We know someone who bought a second-hand armoire, polished it up, and now uses it to house food items, pots and pans etc.

● A place for everything, and everything in its place. In other words, keep it clean, or you’ll end up with unbalanced and teetering stacks of pans and other items.

● Use the insides of your cabinets with hooks and racks.

● Use every bit of the wall for storage. Bring it all the way to the ceiling, of course, you’re also going to need a step ladder!

● If your kitchen and bath remodel allows, remove one of the walls separating the kitchen from the other rooms. This change can make the kitchen feel more roomy.

● If you’re creating a backsplash, have it go all the way to the ceiling. It will draw the eye upwards, and will give the feeling of more room.

● Are you thinking of a kitchen countertop remodeling, Deltona, FL?  Make sure it has plenty of shelving and drawers for storage.

● Use a combination of natural and ambient lighting. Emphasize windows, especially if they’re bay or greenhouse ones that add an open feel. If you can, create a skylight , because a skylight will open the ceiling to more light, raise it, and visually expand the space. Use ambient and task lighting to provide the same feeling during the night.

● What about bathroom remodeling, Orange Beach?  Can you do anything with a small one? First, you need to define who will use it and why; for instance, if the bath is to be a master one for adults, you’ll need more cabinets for storage; if it is to be a kids bath, the floor will become very important, since kids tend to splash water.

One you’ve answered the questions on your bath, you can plan accordingly with storage needs, and designing themes with paint, tile and floor-to-ceiling backsplashes.

For more advice, come into David Waller interiors in Port Orange, FL to speak with one of our experts.