Protecting and preserving hardwood floors is a big task but with the right tips and a good head start you can keep them looking great for years to come! Here are some key things to consider that can help keep your hardwood floors resistant to wear and tear and abuse:

Mind the Humidity: The ideal humidity range for a home with hardwood floors is somewhere in the neighborhood of 45% and 65%. This helps reduce moisture levels in the air and keeps the floor dry since wood tends to absorb moisture and warp when there is excessive moisture present in the air.
Temperature is Important: Extreme fluctuations in temperature and cause board to warp and buckle and can loosen the glue and tacks used to install the flooring. It can also lead to moisture and condensation issues under the boards. So try to keep the home at a steady temperature as much as possible.

Avoid Water While Cleaning: Never soak the floors during cleaning and make sure you do not use excessive quantities of water when wiping up spills. Dry floors right away when spills occur and do not let liquid sit on the wood or it can cause them to warp, bubble, and buckle and can destroy you flooring.

Door Mats Are a Floor Saver: Simple door mats are cheap and easy to find and they can help keep high traffic doorways cleaner and fresher. They also prevent your floors from getting as scuffed and damaged when people first come in and take off their shoes. Mats are a worthwhile investment to be sure.

Use Rugs When Possible: A decorative floor rug can go a long way in saving your hardwood floors. Constant exposure to sun from the windows can bleach the floors and high traffic areas can get worn down. A simple solution to both of these problems is to get floor rugs and use them in these key areas.

Move Furniture With Care: Use specially design moving pads under pieces of furniture when you are moving them to keep scratches to a minimum You can also sues these pads as permanent cushions to keep your hardwood floors from becoming dented by the weight of heavy pieces of furniture.  

Mind the Footwear: It is not considered to be rude these days to ask people to take off their shoes when they come into your home. Many people do this to limit dirt and debris tracking but it can also save your floors from shoe damage- especially when the shoes are high heels, athletic shoes, or similar damaging shoe types.

These are just some tips that can help your hardwood floors look great year after year. You spent the time and money on beautiful hardwood floors so keep them that way!