It can certainly be intimidating to oversee your bathroom remodeling. With so many design elements to consider and coordinate, you may simply want to give up the project before it even begins. How in the world should you synchronize bathroom cabinets, vanity, and flooring?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be an experienced interior designer, just the following advice from our David Waller Interiors specialists!

Cabinets and vanity

One of the major considerations for washroom renovations is the furniture, such as the bathroom vanity, cabinets, and sink. Not only do these pieces have a necessary functional role, but they also should deliver a stylish focal point. Before selecting which pieces to purchase, think about how much storage you’ll need in your washroom. Then, consider what style of models you like best that are most appropriate with those requirements. Indeed, this can mean you may need to choose between function and form. If you’re more of a minimalist but still need places to stash your stuff, then perhaps versatile pieces of storage with hidden compartments can help streamline your look while assuring sufficient space.

Walls and floors

While it’s relatively easy to transform your room in mere minutes with a fresh coat of paint, the case isn’t so simple when we’re talking about bathroom flooring. Since it’s so much simpler to choose a paint color, it might be easier to select which floors you want, then coordinate it with a color option. Also, think about what effect you’d like your space to have. Do you want a uniformed, sleek look that’s contemporary? Nature-inspired tones and textures? Do you want neutral elements or a bold statement? Additionally, you can select one unique fixture to center around, such as an impressive bathroom vanity as your focal point.

David Waller Interiors

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