It’s so worth it, because you’ll be getting your dream kitchen; but a kitchen and bathroom remodel can drive you crazy! 
Any renovation always takes longer than expected with unexpected problems and costs that seem to pop up from nowhere. What if your bathroom is the only one in the house?  How do you shower?  Your quality of life will be interrupted, and it’ll be enough to make your want to run away from home.

David Waller Interiors, who has been a leader in interior design for 45 years, says planning ahead is critical to having a relatively smooth-going renovation.  Here are some tips on making the process go a little smoother:

  • Clean it up!  Now’s a great time to get rid of that junk that serves no purpose, but that you’ve been hoarding. It’ll be less stuff to pack and walk over.
  • Create temporary storage for those crucial, everyday items you’ll need.  This is no time to sift through boxes to find utensils or dinnerware. Make sure everything you need is at your fingertips.
  • Have alternate plans.  For instance, Orange Beach, if your bathroom is the only one in the house, plan to go to a friend or family’s house, or even your gym, to bathe during the remodel.
  • Have some idea of budget and alternative ideas to save money. For example:
        --Cabinets take up almost 30% of a kitchen renovation. If yours are in good shape,

have them resurfaced and painted and add some new pulls and other hardware. 
--Recessed lighting will add to the cost, because cutting and rewiring will need to be done.  Opt for other lighting, such as track.

--Tweak your budget when remodeling kitchen countertops, Deltona, FL. It’s easy to combine and coordinate materials with all availability these days.
--Don’t move appliances. If you get new ones, keep them in the same place, because moving them also means moving plumbing and electric lines.

--Check out alternatives.  For example, you might love hardwood floors, but your wallet says no. Consider wood-look laminate for an incredible simulation of the real thing.  Think about open shelving rather than storage; you’ll not only save money, but also create some interest with salvaged wood that you can get right at the hardware store.
Feel free to come into the David Waller Interiors showroom in Port Orange, FL, for more advice.