Sometimes you just need a change, but it’s not necessary to do a full kitchen and/or bath, or any room for that matter, remodel. 
David Waller Interiors is the place to go for kitchen and bath ideas. A leader in interior design for over 40 years, the company also has a large inventory of flooring, wall coverings and other home decor items. Here’s what they suggest:
  • Change the flooring.  Gray wood floors and farmhouse-style kitchens are trending these days, and that’s not expected to end anytime soon.  By the way, you can still have that look even if your budget is tight: wood-look laminate flooring is an amazingly good mimic of the “real deal.”
  • Add touches of color, such as a painted wall or a floor-to-ceiling backsplash. The retro look is trending right now, so you might want to add a few colorful stools, some hanging wall plates or even a few vibrant car toys, or other treasures that you may find tucked away.
  • Change up those cabinets!  As long as the “box” is in good shape, a little paint, or some new knobs and pulls, will jazz them up.
  • Add touches of texture and color with some area rugs. Area rugs perform double duty, because they can be as functional as stylish, making it easier to stand on, and absorbing water from the sink and appliances.
  • Deltona, FL, is a place where a lot of people want to live. On a lake, it’s full of hiking trails, playgrounds and picnic areas, so it just makes sense to align your decor with the current rustic/organic-look trends.  Even kitchen countertops can get in on thus look, because you can insert a few wood-look tiles and create an indoor herb garden.
  • Bathrooms usually are small, but this can be a good thing:  Small square footage means you don’t need much of anything, so you can install those expensive, highly-designed tiles you’ve always wanted.  You’re on or near water if you live in Orange Beach, so why not spruce up the bathroom with a remodeling with an ocean feel, using some blue/green tiles and blue/green glass to create floating shelves.
Come into the David Waller Interiors showroom in Port Orange, FL, for more inspiration.