At David Waller Interiors, our Port Orange, FL showroom pros just couldn’t wait to tell you about the latest trends on the market. Not sure where to start with your home renovation? Already fed up of your makeover – though you haven’t even picked colors and flooring yet? Why not check out these 5 fabulous ideas to get your creative juices flowing? ​

1 – Sublime interior design starts with lime

Add lime to your room? Yes, why not! It’s a fresh, invigorating color that works wonders to brighten up a dark space. Typically, we see a lot of the addition with contrasting décor, window accents, throw pillows, carpeting, and even as backsplash and wallpaper colors. Want something truly fun? Then a hint of lime might be the perfect thing for you!

2 – Fed up of remodeling your kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL?

Are you already fed up of looking through countless samples for your redo? Then, why not consider something totally different like all-tile, stainless steel, or reclaimed wood? When you opt for one of these changes, you’re sure to get an out-of-this-world remodel that will stun every one of your guests.

3 – Who said white isn’t an actual color?

Minimalist at heart or simply a person who appreciates classic, pure simplicity? White is a god-send in the design sphere, but completely underrated in the renovation world, that is, unless you know what you’re looking for. The key to selecting white is not to choose plain white, but rather opt for the “offs.” Off-white adds a tiny hint of color to any room, without having to commit to that shade entirely.

4 – Bored? Why not get a bathroom remodel in Orange Beach?

When you don’t know which room to begin your renovation journey in, try giving the washroom a facelift. Definitely, it’s one of the areas that can seem dated very quickly, because of the styles of fixtures, lighting, the vanity, and other décor elements. Even the choice of toilet, can make a room look painfully 1960s-ish.

5 – Adopt a theme for your space

Tie your room altogether by adopting a theme. Be it huge dots, small circles, thick stripes, or thin horizontal lines, even a particular color palette, sticking to a theme can really make a space look complete. When there are so many fantastic choices, that’s easier said than done!