The weather is still summer-like, it’s only mid-October, and right now we’re seeing pumpkins and not Santa’s--or Thanksgiving turkeys for that matter. That hasn’t stopped the Florida Retail Federation, an organization that tracks trends and data, from taking a look at the upcoming holiday shopping system.

And all signs point to a very happy holiday: by Jim Abbott.

​For you, that might mean entertaining, and maybe even some overnight guests. That could mean a kitchen and bath remodeling, but a “mini remodeling” may be all that’s necessary. At David Waller Interiors in Port Orange, our experts will help you refresh your kitchen or bath.

One good way to do a kitchen and bath remodeling without spending an arm and a leg, is to just change the flooring. It can be a big design statement.

Here are some popular choices for kitchen flooring:

1. Tile: It’s impervious to moisture, and it’s durable, with a lot of colors and styles so you can let your imagination go wild by creating your own patterns and decorative borders. Also, tile can be cooling in the hot and humid Florida climate. It’s sort of a “Mr. Science” explanation, but the short answer is that tile is a good heat conductor so, as long as it’s cooler than your body, it will transfer heat out and that’s why your bare feet are so much cooler on tile.

2. Wood. There’s nothing like hardwood to add a richness to the home, and with all of the undertones you can create some dramatic looks by contrasting or highlighting.

3. Laminate: A more budget-friendly option, laminate can provide a remarkably similar look of hardwood or stone.

If your kitchen and bath remodeling includes a guest or powder bathroom, you’ll probably also want to make their bath special. Tile is always a great choice, and don’t worry about cost, says Interior Designer Marc Thee, because you can use very small square footages, such as accents around the grout lines, a backsplash or a shower wall.

If you’re thinking of a kitchen and bath remodeling, let the experts at David Waller Interiors in Port Orange, FL, help. The company has been the flooring and home decor expert in the area since 1973 and, in addition to design services, carries a large inventory of floor coverings.