If you're new to the remodeling game, it can be hard to tell who to trust and who's just out to take you for a ride. Not all interior design firms are created equal, and there are a lot of outfits who'd love nothing more than to take your money for sub-par work.

When one design firm fails a customer, it reflects poorly on the industry as a whole. So, David Waller Interiors wanted to help you get down to the bottom of what positive signs to look for when choosing a remodeling company for your big project. Here's what to look for!

Attention to Your Needs

If the design firm you are working with pays close attention to your wishes, and uses them as the foundation for their recommendations, chances are that you've picked a winner. Less reputable firms will try to hard sell you on the materials they want to move, or use your home as a dumping ground for substandard materials they can't offload.

If your designer is spending more time trying to sell you something than listening to your wishes, head for the door and find someone else. It's not worth the wasted time or money to hang around.

Professional Associations

Design firms that are involved in the flooring industry beyond simply having a location that sells flooring, is a sure sign that you have a candidate that is a cut above the rest. Taking part in the flooring industry in the wider sense displays a dedication to their craft, and goes a long way toward demonstrating that the firm in question, is up to date on all of the most modern techniques and trends. In short, industry associations show that a remodeling firm cares more about their business, than simply moving as much carpeting as possible, as quickly as possible.

Awards and Accolades

Another great way to gauge whether a firm is a good pick is by checking to see if they have any awards or professional accolades to their name. Industry associations show that the firm in question values the wider flooring community but winning awards shows that the wider flooring community values the firm in question as a contributing member of that community.

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