Summertime is right around the corner. Feel free to cheer, it’s finally almost here! While our winters are indeed mild, there’s just something invigorating about the arrival of summer weather. It’s the happy start to a lovely season that sparks joy in many, and with it comes that sense of renewal; of wanting to update everything in our home.

So, where should we start if we’re a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Well, when it comes to interior design, let’s talk about fun summer colors that will usher in a fun summer season:


If you’re thinking about redoing your backsplash or remodeling kitchen countertops, Deltona, FL homeowners have taken a strong liking to one of summer’s most popular colors: Peach. A soft, orangey shade, peach will brighten your home instantaneously. For a serious touch of style that’s fun, consider adding a mosaic applique as a show-stopping masterpiece.


Zesty and sassy without end in sight, a lemon color is an excellent choice for those in search of a shade that screams, “Happiness, here I come!” While many people would love to add lemon to their bedroom or den to liven up the place, you may want to consider adding it to a bathroom remodeling. Orange Beach residents, especially, are quite keen to use lemon, a trend we’ve noticed over the past year or so. Still not sure this color is for you? Instead of a wall color, think about using it instead as either a curtain addition, or perhaps as an accent piece via wallpaper on a dominant wall.


While oranges and yellows are a big summertime hit, let’s not forget about another color that we associate with spring and summer: Green. Sage, on the other hand, is a lighter aspect of green, one that is softer and easier to incorporate as a design element. Typically, yellows and oranges are associated with brilliance and liveliness. But when it comes to green or sage in this instance, there’s an aspect of tranquility that is much appreciated. Go ahead and add sage if you’re hoping to liven up a room, though would rather keep the feel of that space calm and relaxing.

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