Sure, everyone wants more space, but a small kitchen doesn’t need any apologies, because tiny doesn’t have to mean skimpy!  Just keep the room well organized, and soon you’ll be singing that old phrase, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

You’ll have one stylish space, where you’ll never have to spend much time searching for things ever again!

At David Waller Interiors, we’ve been around for 45 years, and we’re considered experts about interior design, especially when it comes to a kitchen and bathroom remodel.

So here are some tips from us to make your kitchen look larger:

● Recess storage.  By this we mean to conceal it, such as jutting shelves against the wall so it doesn’t interrupt traffic flow. And this is a great time to remodel kitchen countertops, Deltona, Fl., because you can add storage racks.

● Design with clean lines.  Just as small furniture can break up a room and make it look smaller so do ornate kitchen details, such as arches or fussy cabinets. That goes for appliances as well; tailored and sleek ones often have as many features and technology as the bigger ones.

● Declutter!  Don’t overload counters but, rather, use appliance garages to hide items away. Only keep things out that you really use most often.

● Keep cabinets the same color as walls. Paint them if you have to, and that’s because when you use a single color, it eliminates that visual “stop and start” that can be size-limiting. The usual thought is that pale colors reflect light and make the space feel bigger but don’t be afraid to go dark. Deeper tones such as black, navy, charcoal and chocolate recede visually, creating the impression that the walls are farther back than they really are.

Okay, that’s great for kitchens, but what about bathroom remodeling, Orange Beach? Much of the same rules apply, keeping it uncluttered, avoiding fussy details and using clever storage. But also try directing the eye upward, such as with a clever tile design, or even a backsplash that extends up to the ceiling; it creates a visual effect that gives the impression of greater height.

Come into David Waller Interiors and let us answer all your needs for your kitchen and bathroom remodel.