Are you thinking…I’m afraid of having a wool rug? Well, I have news for you…don’t be afraid to use wool in your home! Wool is a great product and should be considered when thinking about carpet for your home. Wool is a soft, luxury product that is durable and cleanable and can last for generations with proper care.

Here are some tips for living with wool rugs in your home:

1. For dry soil removal, use an upright or central vacuum, and vacuum regularly. You can still throw those rugs over the clothesline and shake them. Removing abrasive soil particles that act like tiny razors to attack fibers is critical.

2. Reposition rugs regularly, especially in high-traffic areas. It evens out the wear. In rooms with lots of light, repositioning rugs minimizes shading and fading of both the main floor and the rugs.

3. Quality cushion absorbs foot traffic and minimizes slippage and backing movement on both carpet and rugs. The rugs edges should extend 2-3 inches beyond the cushion. Rugs look better and have a less abrupt transition, thus reducing trip hazards. Avoid tacky-type cushions, especially over carpet. They can cause a dirty spot over time.

4. For spills, “wool is inherently stain resistant,” but there are some things you can do to help wool survive the generations. Scrape up and blot s much as you can. Avoid flooding a stain; it just spreads the spot. Blot up as much moisture as possible, then apply an approved cleaner, such as a mild wool detergent. Use cool water only to rinse. For anything that doesn’t come up, ask a pro. Do not use standard cleaners found under your sink and do not brush aggressively.

5. Most damage is done by over-zealous homeowners. Some loose yarns can be gently pulled away. Connected strands can be cut at the carpet or rug layer. Rugs with badly soiled fringe (usually cotton) need to be removed from the home for cleaning.

Here’s a test to see how dirty your carpet or rug is: Near one corner place a clean piece of paper. Fold the corner back over the paper and tap a few times. You will probably be surprised!