With flooring renovations of any kind, there are always certain key aspects that homeowners must take into account, but particularly when it involves kitchen and bath remodeling. At David Waller Interiors, we welcome you to our Port Orange, FL showroom to talk with our flooring experts about the many things you'll need to consider for such a significant renovation.

For kitchen and bath remodeling, there's a whole set of considerations to factor in when narrowing down the ideal type of flooring. As they are both moist and humid environments, you're going to need to make a genuinely informed flooring decision. Between the steamy, hot showers in the bathroom, and the heat from cooking in the kitchen, you'll be looking for flooring choices that can deal with lots of water spills, humidity condensation, and, quite possibly, sink and bathtub floods.

Porcelain Tile for Wet Environments

If you walk into recently renovated residences, you'll be hard-pressed to locate a kitchen or bathroom without porcelain tile. It's no surprise that porcelain is so popular, since it's a highly-durable material that resists moisture, thus making it an ideal kitchen and bath remodeling material. What's more, it comes in tons of different color styles, design patterns, and is even available as a textured tile. For added design embellishment, why not consider a porcelain mosaic flair?

Ceramic Tile for Humid Areas

Similar to its porcelain counterpart, ceramic tiles form when clay is kiln-baked at a high temperature. For a symmetrically appealing look throughout your powder room, bathroom, or kitchen area, ceramic tile might be worth your while, since these tiles are manually calibrated during production to be identical in size and width. For a truly unique decor, why not opt for the beautiful color variation of textured stone-look ceramic?

Luxury Vinyl Tile in the Bathroom? No, Way!

Are you tired of always having cold feet? Tender tootsies meet luxury vinyl tile (LVT)! The best part about this flooring is, you can find LVT in budget-friendly, water-repellant marble, stone, or slate look-alike, so you can focus on which kitchen and bath remodeling style you want, and not worry about limiting yourself to any specific flooring type.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in the Kitchen? Yes, Please!

Although solid hardwood is not the best choice for rooms that experience excessive humidity or wetness, you can still get that warm, authentic hardwood look you adore with luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring, as it is water-repellant. If you accidentally knock over that bucket of soapy water on the kitchen floor, or if the tub overflows in the bathroom because of a rubber ducky mishap, your LVP floors will survive! Aside from being easy-to-clean, this flooring is available in realistic-looking exotic imitations like Acacia, Tigerwood, and Brazilian Cherrywood for your kitchen and bath remodeling.