Do you have a room in your house that’s excessively dark? Why not turn that depressing space into a bright, alluring gem with these 4 sure-fire tips! By following our simple, inexpensive ideas, you can add natural lighting, completely transform your home, and increase the value of your property with a quick kitchen or bathroom remodel. Now, doesn’t that sound fantastic!

​1 – Add brightness with a color change

Undergoing a bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach, but have no clue how to make the room brighter? Then, consider changing the color of the walls to a lighter color scheme. A natural way to brighten a space, select off-whites for a palette that will essentially match any vanity, fixtures or décor that’s already there. Pastel tones are also another great option, as are light yellows, oranges, and greens.

2 – Swap heavy drapes for breezy curtains

Ask any interior design professional, and they’ll tell you swapping drapes for semi-transparent curtains is a no-brainer. Since heavy fabrics block out light, they’re simply working against your goal of making the room brighter. So, go ahead and ditch them, though you can also replace them with blinds or shutters for more privacy, as well as control over how much light gets into the room.

3 – Consider reflective materials

Even if you’re remodeling kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL, installing reflective materials throughout a space allows light to bounce back-and-forth, brightening up a room indirectly. Mirrors are clearly your best bet for a reflective surface, though for optimum light in the room, you’ll want to install it across from a window. However, other reflective surfaces, such as glass objects, lacquered furniture, glossy paint finishes, metallic materials, and tiles, are also able to reflect light.

4 – Take a look at your floors

Take a look at your floors; they can also help you brighten a room! Choose light-colored wood finishes, planks or tiles. Or, if you’re feeling a little daring, why not consider white washing your hardwood floors? Aside from your walls, the floors take up a lot of surface area. That means if you chance their color to a brighter one, your room will lighten-up instantly.

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