Although some homeowners may prefer the contemporary style, others like the more classic, vintage look. How do you redo your washroom with that elegant, regal charm? For your upcoming bathroom renovation, consider using the following 5 suggestions for the perfect antique appeal.

Monogrammed towels

Add a touch of dramatic flair with monogrammed towels. Letters in bold calligraphy scroll imbue a generous royal style. Not only will you get that classic look, but you'll also feel regal every time you wipe your hands! Monogrammed towels are a nice way to create an effect without costing a lot of money.

Old era art

Art from the old era is a great way to transport your washroom to a different yet timeless place. To achieve this, opt for prints or paintings with a slightly distressed style. Of course, for this to work, the subject of the image must be era-appropriate. Choose an ornamental frame in gold to make it truly appear antique.

Rich wood cabinets

Rich colored, dark wood gives off the best classic vibe, especially when we’re talking about mirror frames and cabinets. Giving you a beautiful contrast to your shiny plumbing fixtures, this can further push the vintage style of your bathroom. If you’re also looking for a kitchen remodel with the same appeal, this advice can also apply. Really up your game by choosing cabinets with a lot of intricate detail and finishing. Polish off the look with ornate handles and knobs.

Gold and silver plumbing fixtures

If you want your washroom to look like it’s directly from the Victorian era, then nothing screams classic more than bronze, gold or silver fixtures. Displaying the illusions of royalty and wealth, these themes will shine through with these essential touches. Avoid faucets with sharp edges as this gives a more modern vibe. Instead, opt for elongated, rounded pieces for that antique, regal appeal.

Over-the-top lighting

While a large, extraordinary ornate chandelier may seem too over-the-top for a contemporary home, that's certainly not the case for a classic style. The key to the antique look is getting pieces that add drama and flair – so go wild! But don't think you can't redesign your washroom in this style without spending loads of money. Rather, you can find plenty of jeweled fixtures that aren't overly expensive. They just need to look vintage, not be vintage!

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