Mosaic artistry has been around for centuries (there are even mosaics dating back to the Roman times!), and today’s mosaics have come all the way into the 21st Century with their designs, productions and even installations.

Mosaics look best when placed in a kitchen backsplash or in a bathroom. However, when done properly, a mosaic can be placed anywhere. 

There are three different techniques used to create mosaics. They are:

  • Direct Inlay: as the name suggests, this technique involves gluing the pieces of shattered tile onto the mold. This method is best employed for vases and other 3D surfaces.
  • Indirect Inlay: this technique is better for large projects, such as kitchen backsplashes or bathrooms. This method involves fastening the tile down onto a backing paper, and then fastening the backing paper to the wall.
  • Double Indirect Inlay: This method involves assembling the entire mosaic on a piece of adhesive paper, then placing another paper over it before finally installing the mosaic. This is the method used for people who want to see what the mosaic will ultimately look like before installation. 

Mosaics of today aren’t just made of tile. Thanks to the wide variety of both biodegradable and recyclable materials, mosaics can be made of glass, wood, stone, ceramic, and even plastic! Of course, it’s always best to check with a professional before committing to a particular mosaic style...or material. You will need a series of things to consider – time, length, budget, etc. – and only a professional can properly help you plan, and execute, your mosaic project.

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