How can you prepare for this, and other, unpleasant surprises? With the help from David Waller Interiors.

Whether it’s a countertop in a Deltona, FL kitchen that needs some remodeling, or a bathroom in Orange Beach that you plan to remodel for more storage, there will probably be some unexpected challenge.

Renovation is seldom a straight line, and budgeting isn’t just a simple matter of buying appliances or accessories. Your head might be filled of gorgeous decorating ideas from Pinterest or design magazines, but there can be things like a rotting sub-floor, a support wall that can’t be knocked down, insufficient electric systems, or ceiling heights that need to be raised.  Anyone who’s ever watched the HGTV television show, “Love It or List It” will know what kind of construction situations can crop up, that can put a crimp in your interior design plans and budget.

As the old cliché says, “knowledge is power,” so while it might add a little to the initial costs, it’s a good idea to have your home inspected.  You can find out, and handle, any pitfalls ahead of time.

First, you must know your budget

That is, you need to know your exact bottom-line figure, because there are expenses you probably didn’t think of, which include:

● Permits:  If you move a gas line, you will need a permit. Usually, the professionals take care of this, but ultimately it’s your responsibility.  Find out what you need, and then earmark those expenses.

● Construction creep in:  By this, we mean that one change can require another necessary one in an adjacent area.  This sometimes happens, especially with the kitchen and bathroom remodel. The kitchen might be directly off the dining room or family area, while a bathroom can have its entrance in a master bedroom.

● Associated expenses.  Here’s an example:  You want a marble countertop, but you’ll have to buy the entire slab, even if you don’t need the whole thing.  There are cutting and finishing expenses plus delivery, plus installation.

Still need inspiration?  David Waller Interiors has been a leader in home decor for over 40 years.  Feel free to come into our showroom in Port Orange, FL.