No matter which realtor you speak to, they'll tell you that the kitchen ends up being a home's true selling point. Aside from kitchens, bathroom remodels also create a significant impact on the sale of a house. Ideally, homeowners looking to drastically increase both the market value and selling price of their property would address these two spaces. But, if budget plays a deciding factor in redesigns, you'll undoubtedly need to commit to just one or the other. If you've decided to make your kitchen the focal point of your renovations, consider our David Waller Interiors advice for trendy remodeling ideas. Our showroom is located in Port Orange, FL, so feel free to stop by if you're ever in need of more helpful redesign information.

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Unifying Masterpiece

According to recent interior design trends, many homeowners want a kitchen that unifies their entire home, turning it into a room for family gathering. Open concept plans allow for the ability to work in the kitchen, all while providing a chance to partake in conversation and activities with those in the living room or dining room. For an open concept with tons of space, start by remodeling kitchen countertops. Deltona, FL residents will appreciate how the layout includes access to the entire family. 

Create Open Space with the Color White

Skip the neutral-toned walls and go for this year's ultra trending design: White cabinetry in the kitchen. Bathroom remodels are using a lot of white cabinets this year, and that's because it creates a sense of having no color boundaries. Lately, bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach has also seen a huge growth of white cabinets, due to the timeless, classic appeal of such a simple design. In essence, no matter the space, the color white makes that room feel open and cool. 

Make Life Easier with Low Maintenance Materials

If you're desperate for ways to make your busy family life a little bit easier, then perhaps you should consider low maintenance renovation choices. Tired of cleaning messy floors every day? Opt for porcelain tiles, they're stain-resistant and durable. Annoyed with the dirt smudges and fingerprint marks on appliances? Consider a fridge or stove in a medium-tone or white variation. There are also many countertops that are maintenance-free, such as quartz or marble.