Not every home has skylights, cathedral ceilings, and hardwood flooring as far as the eye can see – and that’s okay! If your reality includes a seriously cozy kitchen – perhaps one that’s a little oddly shaped – add a heaping spoonful of personality with the following 7 fantastic ideas. Turn your claustrophobic space into a stylish work of art with these tips and tricks for your kitchen renovation.

1. Create a statement with bold lighting

Your guests won't even notice your teensy room when you create a bold statement with a one-of-a-kind light fixture. Try something retro or handcrafted, as opposed to something streamlined, to get that burst of flair.

2. Place interest pieces on cabinets

Treat your cabinets like display cases, if you have the extra space on top. Vases or unique artwork make a great addition. Or, if you’re starved for space, try using various baskets or wood boxes to hide seldom used accessories.

3. Purge and simplify

Simplify your life by purging your non-essential kitchen items. Do you need all those mugs? When you pare down to the bare minimum, the simple beauty of unused space is a statement in itself.

4. Get that classic look with subway tile

Subway tile is clean, bright, and classic. When you add it to an entire kitchen, it opens up space and makes the room feel bigger instantly. Choose neutral colors to stay with a seamless classic appearance.

5. Go high-gloss

Reflective surfacing, like high-gloss cabinets, offers a show-stopping style like no other. With its mirror-like face, the reflections create a sense of space, thus giving you a “bigger” kitchen.

6. Add greenery

Take advantage of great lighting in your kitchen – even if it is a little on the small side – by adding plants. They make any space feel happier and quickly brighten up a room. Place a big plant atop your fridge or counter or add a few small ones throughout the area.

7. Brighten up with ultra white

The whiter space is, the brighter – and that's always a good thing in small places. Feel free to add a splash of color here and there with a few select pieces, like a bold pendant light fixture or a funky painting.

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